Consulting & Husbandry

The ability to mesh the critical aquatic animal life requirements and facility design is central to a successful fish display.

Our staff brings together experience from Sea World, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, National Fishery Service, and private enterprise.

Our Capabilities

  • Concept and design - quarantine and isolation facilities
  • Concept and design - collection and holding facilities
  • Concept and design - system maintenance and equipment areas
  • Concept and design - husbandry
  • Aquatic display species determination
  • Species list and specimen life requirements
  • Life support operation instruction/manuals
    Specimen acquisition, transportation, acclimation
  • General curatorial assistance
  • Life support system trouble shooting and analysis
  • Life support system installation oversight
  • Life support system technical development, testing & pilot studies
  • Animal husbandry trouble shooting
  • Life support system analysis, evaluation, redesign & retrofit
  • Aquatic animal husbandry and methodology development
  • Aquarium project coordination and management
  • Decorative pond/water feature design, construction, and management
  • Aquarium project curatorial consultant
  • Curatorial and staff analysis/selection
  • Curatorial and staff training
  • Aquarium environment and decorative design


Consider our Turnkey Capability - concept, design, fabrication, installation, decoration, husbandry and ongoing support.

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